African Safari Destinations 2019 | Select upcoming hotspots

MALAWI: Return of the Big Cats. The re-introduction of lion and cheetah to this wonderful national park in addition to existing birdlife and animal species like kudu, antelope, waterbuck, reedbuck [...]

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On the Wings of the Wind – Hot Air Ballooning

Indulge in the grandeur of hot air ballooning: carried by the mysterious currents in the skies and ever-changing breezes a ride in this most majestic of flight inventions will provide you with an unforgettable experience [...]

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Star Beds – Celestial Dreams

There’s a romantic in all of us and what better place to enjoy a truly magical yet luxurious night out under the African Skies and the milky way? It is after all the cradle of humankind and the knowledge that the firmament and [...]

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Spring has sprung in Southern Africa, the days are getting longer, the proteas are in full bloom, safaris promise prime game viewing, the light is at its best for photography, the summer winds have not yet begun and our beaches [...]

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